Teman CookeBorn in Dayton, Ohio, Teman Cooke knew he was going to be a scientist from a young age. He also spent quite a bit of time in junior high and high school writing absolutely horrible fiction. He went on to study Physics, and eventually graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a Doctor of Philosophy in Physics in 2002. Teman Cooke went on to spend over seven years teaching introductory physics and astronomy. In 2019, he graduated from Lancaster Theological Seminary with a Masters in Divinity. Through that entire time, however, storytelling — one way or another — has been at the heart of everything he’s done. Currently Teman Cooke lives with his wife and two daughters in Lancaster, PA, where he writes, thinks, and talks entirely too much for his own (and anyone else’s) good.

Teman Cooke’s first book, the First Semester Physics Survival Guide: A Lifeline for the Reluctant Physics Student, is nonfiction, and was based upon his experiences as a professor. The First Semester Physics Survival Guide is designed to help students focus on what works best in introductory physics courses. Teman Cooke’s second book, To the Water, We Are Gods, is a work of fiction, but is currently out of print.

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