A Second Apology

Life is a funny thing sometimes. You think you’ve got a clear (or not-so-clear) idea of where you’re going and how you’re getting there, when suddenly the entire cart of apples overturns, leaving you scrambling for something solid and anchored to cling to.

The past two and a half months have been tumultuous. For a while I thought I might be teaching full-time again — I’ll save the soul-searching that went with that process for another post. As things have settled down, however, I find myself massively busy. I am teaching, but part-time. I’m still producing digital artwork — I’ve got six images finished and waiting for rendering. By the time my gallery show comes along (November 5th at the Parrot Gallery here in Lancaster — let me know if you’d like to attend) I should have 12 to 15 pieces. So far they’ve looked absolutely stunning printed on canvas. In addition, I have another six finished of a series of twelve that I hope eventually to produce as a print calendar for sale. I’m working on finishing my physics book as well. (For those who did not know, I taught college physics for almost a decade.) It’s currently about a third done. I hope to finish it well before Christmas, but that may be a bit optimistic. I’m also taking a class on business design and planning. This is all on top of the normal “day-to-day” obligations of being a dad and a husband. (For example, within the past week my 11-month-old learned the joy — and speed — of walking and my 3-year-old learned how to ride a bike.)

To say that I’ll be busy is an understatement. However, things seem to have settled down so I would like to pick up where I left off with this blog. Hopefully the apple cart will stay upright this time. At least for a while….

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