The Cover Is Done!

FSPSG.v3a The cover image is finally done! I may still need to change around the title and “by” line, but I’m happy with how the image turned out. Man, I love it when I get to mix the stuff I love doing — in this case, education, writing, and artwork.

Once it’s on the book itself, the image above will wrap around the front cover onto the back. If you can imagine, the spine of the book will run down the center of the image; everything to the right will fold onto the front cover, and everything to the left will fold onto the back. I’ve included an image below of the portion that will form the front cover. You can click on either image below for a larger version. (For download speed these ended up smaller than I would have liked, but hopefully they’re still clear!)

Images © 2013 Teman H. Cooke. All rights reserved.

What do you all think? Let me know in the comments!


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    Hey looks nice! I assume you did the artwork. Too bad I’m taking my last semester of physics 🙁

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    That cover is awesome. I’d make the title font larger and/or bolder, as it takes some effort to read it on your page.


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