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Don’t you hate it when you have a bunch of posts that you’ve got half formed, but none of them actually gel? I have several ideas for today’s post but none of them came together in a satisfying way.

For example, it struck me a few weeks ago that the predictions of cyberpunk have basically come true. Ok, we don’t have cybernetic limbs, computers that plug into our brains, or monofilament whips, but the emphasis of style over substance, omnipresent networked computer systems, and the power of giant corporations seems dead on target. In addition, recent comments by a friend of mine and author, Larry Merris, got me thinking about actual conspiracies. By this I mean ones that could (and probably do) occur, instead of the more fantastic and catastrophic ones we imagine due to habitual stress. My thoughts are still percolating on that one, however, so you’ll have to wait until the brew is done.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Star Wars Universe. It’s a complex thing, and fraught with stupid stereotypes and ruined images from my childhood, but the most vexing issue so far are the social implications of the split between the Force users and everyone else. These implications were driven into sharp relief when I read Harry Potter, and realized that the Muggles were basically portrayed as complete and utter morons. I won’t get into my issues with that — not now, at least — but it clarified the striking difference between what the Jedi say they believe in versus what they actually do. Then, my wife pulled it all together for me with a completely off the cuff comment that left me speechless: “You know, you should write a blog post comparing the Jedi in Star Wars to the rich-slash-powerful in the real world. Cause it seems like the behaviors and outcomes are actually pretty similar when you get down to it.” (I’m paraphrasing somewhat here.)

Finally, 99U had this awesome blog post about “Creativity Killers” — the 5 things that stop your brain from blossoming. My current struggle is mostly with #5, although I can recognize times when all of them have been a problem. I’d planned to talk a little bit about why each of them gave me trouble, and how I managed to get past it.

So what do you think? Do any of these topics sound particularly appealing to you? Or is there something else that you’d prefer I write about? Let me know in the comments section below!

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    I’m eager to hear more about them all … but am especially interested in the Star Wars/Jedi one! I do know what you mean about ideas sometimes just not gelling. Sermon writing can be that way for me — sometimes I have a couple great kernel ideas, and I just can’t get them to stretch out into something more … until a deadline forces me! That’s my struggle — how to rouse the muse before a deadline!


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